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New Year, New You Summit

New Year, New You Summit

Dive deep into expert sessions from the HobbyScool New Year, New You Summit that will elevate your health and wellness, nurture love and relationships, and bolster your financial knowledge.

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Experience the wisdom of the HobbyScool New Year, New You Summit expert speakers at your own pace. Purchase lifetime access to all 31 expert speaker presentations and tap into transformative insights whenever you wish.

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This special collection provides lifetime access to timeless advice and strategies from our experts. Explore each presentation to unearth the keys to embracing a year of abundance, love, and prosperity.

🎙️ Here's what you'll learn:

🌱 Abundance Through Self Love - Jamie Wozny
👥 Deeper Connections: Building Blocks of Emotional Intimacy - Stacy Rocklein
❤️ The Power of Love - Laurie Herbers
🥗 How to Overcome Poor Eating Habits - Susan U. Neal RN, MBA, MHS
🍴 Eliminate Emotional and Stress Eating to Lose Weight - Rita May
🌸 Creating a Wellness Routine You’ll Fall in Love With - Alyx Braunius
🧘‍♂️ Journey Into Your Body For Deep Inner Child Healing - Damla Aktekin
💏 How to Have a Good Love Relationship - Heather Garbutt
🎨 Pause with Pastels - Alka Chopra
💰 5 Reasons Why You Aren't Building Wealth & 5 Ways to Start - Caroline Tanis
🌟 Reach Your Goals And Create A Life You Love - Catherine Wilde
📈 How To Prepare For The Rising Costs Of Life - Dawnette Palmore
🏋️‍♀️ How to Optimize your Metabolism as you Age - Michele Riechman
💪 3 Simple Steps to Stepping into your Power to Create your Best Yet! - Jo Anne Irwin
🌷 She Sweats, She Bloats, She Cries- What is happening in midlife?! - Kathy Fritz
🌺 Personal Development: The BEST Investment - Maria Bourke
🍉 Lose Emotional and Physical Weight without Dieting - Marcella Friel
🍱 How To Meal Prep Like A BOSS - Stephanie Shaw
🌼 Thrive Instead of Just Survive! - Robin Hardy
💡 Why a Fulfilling Life is Unique for Everyone - Jen Theuriet
🌌 Create a Manifestable Vision - Brittany Fagan
🚫 Why Achieving Goals Is Hard - Dr. Rosie Kuhn
✨ Creating Magic in your Every Day - Anne Rajoo
🍎 Heighten your Health - Janice Hutton
💵 3 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Money & How to Fix Them - Emily Maclin
🧘 Ancient Practices to Find Purpose - Parm Saggu
🍀 Elements of a Holistic Lifestyle - Shelly Stern
🏃‍♀️ Fat Loss Tips with Sports Nutrition - Kira Sutherland
🍏 How to Improve Your Gut Health - Denise Sultenfuss
❤️ Cultivating Self-Compassion: Silencing Your Inner Critic - Rebecca Kimberley
🌈 How to Build TRUE Inner Confidence - Tali Shlafer

Harness a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration to reshape your journey.

Secure your New Year, New You summit collection and set the stage for years of growth, love, and success.

Order today and kickstart your transformation!


  • Access to the expert presentations via video and audio through our online course platform. 


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