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Bohemian Lightroom Presets

Bohemian Lightroom Presets

Embrace the Boho Aesthetic: Bohemian Lightroom Presets Collection

Elevate your photos with an ethereal bohemian touch using our curated Bohemian Lightroom Presets. Crafted with passion, our presets encapsulate the spirit of wanderlust, adventure, and the dreamy allure of the bohemian lifestyle.

What This Set Offers:

  • A collection of 6 meticulously designed Bohemian Lightroom presets, poised to transform your photos.
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Lightroom, compatible with both desktop and mobile versions.
  • Immediate access post-purchase, letting you dive into your creative flow instantly.

Envisioned for both seasoned photographers and everyday creators, these presets magnify the free-spirited essence inherent in bohemian visuals. So, whether you're capturing moments for clients, or curating a captivating Instagram feed, these presets will embed each photo with a distinct boho flair.

Dive into the world of boho-chic, and redefine your photographic journey with our Bohemian Lightroom Presets. Get your set now and commence your voyage into the mesmerizing realm of bohemian imagery!


  • Step-by-Step Guide on Preset Installation.
  • 6 Unique Bohemian-Themed Lightroom Presets.


How can I use this? 

  • This purchase includes a single license, which is non transferrable. 
  • This template is for your own personal use only
  • You are not allowed to resell the presets. 

🚚 Digital Delivery: This is a digital product, no physical item will be mailed. 

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